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by Chris Woodburn

Hey, if you drew your coveted archery tag, or are planning to archery hunt in a true trophy area in North America you might like this latest news from Pope and Young!  Yep, P&Y announced they have a database search available for you to check on records!  Apparently, they have two levels available; the first is FREE and is a basic search that allows you to look for a specific species and the hunters name.  The second option, $35/year subscription, allows for a more detailed search.  This gives you more info, such as score, location and much more.

The cool thing about the $35 subscription fee is that it not only gives you more info, but also goes to supporting conservation, education and outreach.  I know it might sound a bit strange that P&Y is doing outreach, but it’s needed.  Over the years the data shows that the number of hunters is decreasing.  Most of us say we’re passing it on, but is it working?  Are we?  Let’s do our part by either introducing others to the tradition or help fund the programs that are out there to pass it on!

My suggestion, go take a look at the P&A database!  Try it out!  I know I plan to try it and actually do the $35 subscription.  I want to do my part in the conservation, education and outreach!

Pope & Young Trophy Database

Let me know what you think!

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