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By: Ted Karr



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If you archery hunt you need to check out the bugle tube holder that Bend-Able offers. This simple, yet stylish holder keeps your bugle tube secure while allowing easy access to your bugle tube without having to take off your pack, ask a friend to put your bugle away, or do any strange contortion tricks to put your get at or put your bugle away. This is one of those great products that solve an issue we all have in terms of carrying a bugle tube and easily accessing the bugle tube when we want to use it. We give this product a “top-shelf” rating and highly recommend it.

The Bend-Able holder comes in three sizes: small, medium and large. Most bugle tubes on the market today will fit in the medium, though some of the larger bugle tubes offered by Phelps and Wapiti Bugle requires the large. Also, if you are carrying the Un-RIVAL-ed Bugle Tube by Phelps, you will want the small size. The bugle tube holder has an elastic cord that is positioned inside the holder to provide tension against the bugle to securely position the bugle in the holder. You can tighten or loosen the tension cord as desired.

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Also, you can move the tension cord to a horizontal position, which will allow you to fit a Nalgene® bottle in the holder for those times you are using your pack without carrying a bugle tube.

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The Bend-Able bugle tube holder comes with a strap that allows you to affix the holder anywhere you desire on your backpack.  I like to position it far back on the right side hip belt of my pack for easiest access.

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For those times when I want to put my side-arm in that position, I can strap the bugle tube holder to the side of my pack, around two-thirds the way up the side of the pack.  It is a bit more difficult to access the bugle tube in that location, but it is still accessible without having to remove your pack, which is important.

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If you happen to carry multiple bugle tubes when hunting, you could install one Bend-Able on your hip belt, and one on the side of your pack, or any other location you see fit.

All in all, this is a great product that solves the problem of securely holding your bugle tube while hiking, but still keeps it easily accessible for those times when you are in hot pursuit of a monster bull.   Follow the link below if you want to purchase the Bend-Able Bugle Tube Holder and comment below if you have any questions.

Cost: $23.99

Where to Buy: Bend-Able Bugle Tube Holder at BlackOvis

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