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BackCountry Hunting Logistics

Contact: Jake Black, Justin Dykes, Andrew Sundell
Jake Black: (307)262-2779

John Bowers of the Eagle Cap team used Backcountry Hunting Logistics to plan and scout an archery elk hunt in Wyoming, Unit 7. His primary contact was Jake Black. John can, without a doubt, endorse Backcountry Hunting Logistics for helping plan a self-guided hunt in Wyoming. Their team is very familiar with critical factors, such as access to public land, obtaining trespassing permission to cross private land to get to public, and where to camp to increase your likelihood of success. They also scout the area and provide trail cam footage of the current year elk traffic. All of the advice and referrals John received from Backcountry Hunting Logistics checked out and were spot on.  While their advice led to a very successful hunting trip in Unit 7, had John sprung for the full guide package, there is no telling how much better things could have been. This outfit is trustworthy and is well connected with the local landowners in a unit where access to private land to get to the National Forest is important. They also have connections with some private ranches that have incredible elk herds with notable.

Here are a couple pics of some bulls from the hunt.  You can go check our YouTube channel out to see the video of the hunt!

Unit 7 ElkHoyt Bow

Fonzy Haskell at Four Horse Outfitters

Antelope, Mule Deer or Elk

Contact: Fonzy (307)689-2865 and fonzy702@hotmail.com

I’ve only hunted Antelope here, so I’ll keep my comments centered around the speed goat.  With over 300,000 acres of private land access, if you are looking for a short (2 day), affordable, fun hunt look no further than the NE corner of Wyoming, near the town of Gillette, with Fonzy Haskell at Four Horse Outfitters.  Antelope hunts are reasonably priced and it’s hard to drive 20 minutes without seeing a new herd of antelope.  There are so many antelope here that it’s easy to be selective while trying to find the antelope of the size you’d like to harvest.  Talk about a target-rich environment!  I hunted with Fonzy and we spotted multiple bucks in the 75-78” range on day 1.  I’d told him I was looking for 78-80” if we could and we’d fall back to the 75” + range if need be on day 2.  Well, the morning of day 2 came and the first thing we did was spot a big buck, figuring he’d score in my desired range.  After I took him, we came up on him and he had grown to just over 82”.  Fonzy will tell you he can’t promise you’ll get one this big, but there is a good possibility.  And it’s about a no-brainer to find a solid buck in the 75” + category.  Fonzy runs a nice operation and the lodging and food are excellent.  The shooting range out back of the lodge can be challenging due to antelope wanting to graze all over it, but it’s a great place to get practice shooting long range in the wind!  I know Fonzy runs Mule Deer/Antelope combo hunts and I understand he runs Elk hunts too.  Whether it be rifle or bow, I’d hunt with Fonzy again!

Antelope Hunting

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