Sling-A-Ling Bow Sling


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By Ted Karr

FUNCTIONALITY:  High                  WEIGHT:  Just a few ounces

EASE OF USE:  High                        PRICE:   Affordable


  • Very easy to use
  • Strong paracord material
  • Free up your hands for trekking poles, field glasses, or pulling arrows
  • Great for long hunts


  • Adds some weight to your bow
  • You have to adapt them to the load lifters on some packs to keep the sling on your shoulder


Looking for a great solution for carrying your bow while at the range or while hunting?  Tired of carrying it by the string?  The Sling-A-Ling by Jakt Gear is one of the solutions we recently tested.  I first saw the Sling-A-Ling at the Total Archery Challenge 3D shoot in San Antonio, Texas.  My daughter was new to archery and wanted one to carry her bow while on the 3D range.  I picked up one for her and grabbed another to test it out myself.

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The Sling-A-Ling is a military-style 7 strand nylon paracord bow strap that allows you to comfortably carry your bow hands-free all day long in the back country, at the range, or at 3-D shoots.  The Sling-A-Ling does not have to be removed from your bow.  And, it does not get in your way when shooting.  I now use it when I visit 3D archery events so I don’t have to place my bow on the ground when I retrieve my arrows.  I also recently used it on a nine day backcountry archery elk hunt and it worked great.  It is also designed to store close to your riser when not in use.  The magnetic system keeps the sling out of your way when shooting.

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You can also use the Sling-A-Ling to stabilize your binoculars and comfortably glass for big game hanging your bow around your neck and resting your elbows on the sling.  I also used the Sling-A-Ling to affix my bow to the horns of a bull on a two mile pack out.  It worked great to keep the bow stable and made it easy to synch the bow with straps.  Some people also use it with their bow when bow fishing so they can hold it on their shoulder while retrieving a fish.

The Sling-A-Ling comes in many different color combinations and Jakt Gear sells it with an accessory that affixes to your pack to hold it on your shoulder.   The accessory can also be used to carry other gear.

best bow sling

After 6 months I still believe the Sling-A-Ling is great purchase and worth the small amount of extra weight that it adds to your bow.

COST:    $49.97

WHERE TO BUY: Sling-A-Ling

best bow sling

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