The Best Solar Charger – ECEEN SOLAR CHARGER 13W


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By Ted Karr

FUNCTIONALITY:  High                  WEIGHT:  0.85 Lbs

EASE OF USE:  High                        PRICE:   Affordable


  • Very compact and easy to use
  • Zippered pocket to hold power bank and charging cables
  • Water proof/splash proof
  • Charges a cell phone in just a few hours!!!


  • The Eceen charger is well suited for smaller devices so it takes a fair amount of time to charge a large power bank. With that said, it works great for what it is designed to do!


Looking for a way to charge your cell phone or GPS device on a long backcountry hunt?  The Eceen 13W solar panel is a great option.  This panel charged my cell phone in under three hours.  Note, that was in full sun.  We did not test this solar charger in heavy rain.  This a very compact solar panel that is easy to carry and can strap onto your pack while hiking or hunting.  The solar panel provides 2A output (MAX) and weighs less than a pound.  When folded up the device is 14 inches by 7 inches by less than an inch thick.

This solar panel is compatible with most cell phones including the iPhone, Samsung, Mp3 players, GPS units, Gopro cameras, etc.  Nearly any smaller form factor device that connects to a USB can be charged.   Also, the solar panel can charge two devices at the same time which can be convenience if you have multiple electronics that need to be charged.

The Eceen solar charger is lightweight, compact and efficient for charging smaller devices.  You can even charge a battery pack with this solar panel but it will take most of the day to charge a substantial power pack.   Among the extensive list of chargers available you should definitely put the Eceen on your list of options.

best solar panelCOST:   $39.99


The best backpacker solar panelThe best solar charger

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