Best Inside the Waistband Holster – FN 5.7

 By: Chris Woodburn

FUNCTIONALITY:  High                  WEIGHT:  3 ounces

EASE OF USE:  High                        PRICE:   $41.00


  • Secures firearm inside the waist band
  • Adjustable belt clip – 8 different positions
  • Conceals the firearm
  • Adjustable retention screw
  • Affordability


  • Can pinch you when re-holstering your firearm
  • Not soft


I’ve always wanted to get an IWB, inside the waistband, holster for my self-defense pistols, but with so many options out there it was hard to decide on the one I should buy.  I saw this brand out there, We The People, and thought I like what they stand for so I should give them a try.

we the people

If you go look at their sight you’ll notice a ton of other options, such as colors, adjustments, and many others.  I stuck to my guns and went with the US Constitution style print “We The People” color.  Yes, I know the thing will be hidden, but I had the option…so I bought it.  My specific holster was for my FN 5.7, which isn’t a small handgun to conceal.  I wanted to see how it felt, sitting, driving, working on the ranch, or doing basically anything to tell me this was or wasn’t a “Top Shelf” item.  Well, I’m hear to tell you even with a couple cons on the list the final conclusion on this holster was that it was a  “Top Shelf” item.

best holsterbest holsterOne of the big pluses with this holster is the ability to adjust the angle of the belt clip, so it rides a specific way inside the waistband.  If you’re like me you want to have the grip set a specific way, so that it can both conceal the firearm and be easily accessible.

The next bid deal for me was it needed to securely hold the pistol when doing an activities, like trail jogging or riding a bike.  The We Thebest holster People holsters do have a solid retention screw, so you can tighten it down to secure your firearm in the holster.  I know someone who lost their handgun in the mountains using a kydex holster, and as I suspected they didn’t tighten the screw down securing their pistols…that’s not good.   So, lesson learned from a friend, make sure you adjust your holster to secure your handgun.

The FN 5.7 IWB Holster comes with a great warranty, if not purchased through a third party.  I’m not certain it’s lifetime, but they say they’ll stand behind the product. Yes, that is “Top Shelf!”

COST:   $41.00

WHERE TO BUY: FN 5.7 IWB Holster

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