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By Ted Karr

FUNCTIONALITY:  High                  WEIGHT:  23 lbs. with a bow

EASE OF USE:  High                        PRICE:   High


  • Excellent for storage and organization
  • Lighter than competitive hard cases
  • TSA approved locking system
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof


  • Pricy
  • For most bows you will need to remove your quiver
  • No straps to lock down the bow, the internal cover pad serves as the bow containment system

best bow case


The Pelican Air bow case was introduced to the market in 2019.  At this time this is Pelican’s only bow case.  There are other Pelican cases that you can use for bow, but this is Pelican’s solution for avid bow hunters who want a top shelf case.  This is a great case for transporting your bow, traveling via air, and protecting your bow.  The case is lightweight yet sturdy.  In fact, the case is 40 percent lighter than competitive cases but is still strong enough to protect your bow when it is safely enclosed.  The case is almost 47 inches long, nearly 20 inches tall and just over 8 and a half inches wide.   I use the SKB hard shell bow case and love it.  However, I purchased a new Matthews bow for my daughter and she needed a case.  A good friend had purchased the Pelican Air for his Hoyt and it looked amazing, so I decided to purchase one for my daughter.  It was a good opportunity for me to spoil her and to get my hands on the case so I could do this review.

To fit your bow in this case you will likely need to remove your stabilizer.  However, that is common for most bow cases.  With that said, if your stabilizer does not stick out beyond your sight, you can likely leave it on your bow when using the Pelican Air case.  One of the downsides of this case is the fact that most people have to remove their quiver in order to properly fit their bow under the bow cover.  There is a set of attachments on the inside of the lid of the case where your quiver can be safely secured.  However, the more things you have to take off you bow to put it in the case the less likely you are to take your bow out and shoot it.  Most quivers have a quick release so having to remove your quiver is not that bad.  Fortunately, my daughter’s bow fits in the case under the divider cover without requiring her to remove her quiver or her stabilizer.  See the photo.

best bow case

This bow case is made of a super-light Polymer that is proprietary to Pelican.  The Polymer is definitely thinner and more pliable than my SKB case but that is how Pelican shaved off weight to make this case lighter.  The added divider in the case does add back some weight but it provides protection for your bow and features a large storage pocket on the top.  See the photo below.

best bow case

The Pelican air case comes with a number of items to help organize your bow gear.  It includes 2 foam arrow holders, 2 small foam bumpers, 2 large foam bumpers, 2 arrow tube straps, 2 small accessory pouches, 6 bungee cords and 1 padded divider.  Also, the Molle strap system creates a customizable interior.  I highly recommend the arrow tube for storing your arrows.  Having accessory pouches that connect to the Molle strap system is very important.  In my SKB case I do not have that option and after an archery hunt in Nevada I found all of my extra broadheads loose in my bow case.  I am fortunate they did not cut my string.

best bow case

While this case is lighter than the competition, it is still fairly heavy once weighted down with your bow, arrows, and other accessories.  Fortunately, the case comes with a quiet rolling stainless-steel bearing wheel system on one end of the case.  The handles on the case are fold down.  The case has a waterproof O-ring seal, and it is engineered with an automatic pressure equalization valve to assist with balancing interior pressure and to keep water out.  The case is fully TSA compliant and has stainless steel padlock protectors.  In fact, the case has 6 press and pull latches with 2 TSA approved locking latches for security.

This is the most expensive bow case on the market at $449.  However, good engineering and top shelf products are worth the extra money.  Add a limited lifetime warranty and you have a bow case that will stand the test of time and serve you well through many seasons.

COST:   $449.00

WHERE TO BUY: Direct from Pelican

Video Review:

best bow case


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