How to brew Eagle Cap Outdoors Adventure Blend Coffee!

Brewing coffee in the backcountry!

Over the course of many years of hunting in the backcountry we gain knowledge and experience by trying different products, always searching for that one product that strikes the right note.  Once we find it, we keep it in our pack for every trip.  I’m sure you can relate.

This year we tried a special coffee made just for us, Eagle Cap Outdoors Adventure Blend!  After trying it on multiple hunts this year, we’re excited to share it with you. We’ll be sure to carry this coffee in our pack for every future trip!  A freshly roasted bean that gives the ultimate flavor and perk-up, for those backcountry trips!  This brew is roasted by This Little Bean of Mine. They focus on a fresh roasting process, high quality beans and giving a great coffee experience!!!

The Eagle Cap Outdoors Adventure Blend!



  • Single-Serve Pour-Over Pouch
  • Hot Water
  • Cup

Step 1: Heat your water to a boil.
Step 2: Carefully tear open the top of the pouch.
Step 3: Spread open the pouch.
Step 4: Secure paper flaps on top of cup.
Step 5: Pour hot water through the coffee grounds in the pouch.
Step 6: Enjoy the best outdoor adventure coffee you’ve ever had!

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Best coffee

Best Coffee

Best Coffee

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